REHOBOT’s electrically powered hydraulic pumps are reliable, versatile and easy to use. All pumps has a double-speed operation with automatic switching between high and low pressure at 2MPa – 6 MPa depending on the pump type.

The low-pressure unit is a gear pupm that gives a high flow up to the switching pressure. The high-pressure unit is a single or double – piston pump.

PME70-2030ADV and PME70-2030MRV are equipped with foot actuated pedal for on/off control. All other models have a start/stop button placed on the motor.

Description of the valve alternatives:

ADV – Automatic release valve. Oil returns to tank when motor is switched off. The pressure built up in the tool then drops and the tool returns automatically. For crimping, cutting or press tools taht are used in high-frequency applications. Not for lifting applications!

MRV – Manual release valve. Suitable when you wnat to maintain the pressure in the tool for an extended period and have a cintrolled release. Recommended usage with tools for cable crimping or cutting.

AP– Adapter plate. This pump has no valve, but simply a connecting plate with G1/4” pressure & return ports.

MLS – With lever valve for single-acting tool/cylinder

MLD – With lever valve for double-acting tool/cylinder.

SS – With solenoid valve for single-acting tool/cylinder (24 V DC). Remote control TRC23024 or external input control is needed.

SD – With solenoid valve for diuble-acting tool/cylinder  (24 V DC).Remote control TRC23024 or external input control is needed.


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