REHOBOT pumps have a functional design to withstand rough handling in harsh environments. The use can be found in many different applications & industries. The pumps can be used with all hydraulic tools and cylinders in the REHOBOT’s product range.

REHOBOT pumps are used worldwide and every possible environment. Some examples can be found within the engineering,automotive,mining and petrochemical industries.

We are happy to tailor the pumps to our customers’ needs,thus providing flexible and cost effective solutions.

Our designs are based on long experience within the field of hydraulics. The results are pumps that are easy to operate,repair & service – saving time and money for our customers!The usable life of REHOBOT products is extremely long. Our pumps provide power that last for generations!

Hand powered pumps – Are lightweight, portable and do not require an external power source. These pumps are cost effective, easy to use, and are ideal for workshop or field use applications.

Air powered pumps – A cost effective option for faster and more efficient operations, No manual effort required by the operator. Portable and ideal for workshop use, only standard air-line supply required. Field use is feasible if access to a compressor is available.

Electrically powered pumps – The best option where large capacities of oil is required: e.g. multiple cylinder operations. By the addition of different valve types, these pumps can easily operate multiple tools. The electric pumps are suitable in stationary installations.

Petrol powered pumps – An excellent alternative where, field operations are required: e.g. construction sites and shipyards. No external power source is required.

Should you be unable to find a pump to suit tour requirement in the following series and table,please contact REHOBOT to discuss your application in detail.



  • Cost effective
  • High quality
  • Reliable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Simple to use



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