REHOBOT’s cylinders are designed to withstand rough handling in harsh enviroments. Their use are highly varied. The cylinders can be used wherever there is something which needs to be pulled, pushed or lifted.

REHOBOT’s cylinders are used worldwide and in all possible enviroments. Some examples can be found within the engineering, automotive, mining and petrochemical industries.

The standard range of products is rich with cylinders of different strokes and capacity. We also provide a wide range of accessories extending the use of the cylinders.

We are happy to tailor the cylinders to our customers’ needs. Something taht enables flexible and cost effective solutions with virtually unlimited lifting capacity. The cylinders are an effective tool for all use ranging from small procision work to lifting of 500-ton bridge sections.

Our designs are based on a very long experience within the field of hydraulics. The results are cylinders which are easy to repair and service – saving time and money, this providing a low total cost of ownership for the user. The pistons on our cylinders are hard chromed, making them resistant to wear and free of rust. The life of REHOBOT’s products is extremely long.- Our cylinders simply last for generations!

The choice of the cylinder is normally selected by the working operation, pressure range, stroke and boundary dimensions of the cylinder. Considerations when selecting the cylinder for a specific application should also be given to the available range various accessories like extension tubes, pressure heads etc. All to make the most out of the hydraulic solution.

When an existing hydraulic equipment is available, the selection of cylinder perferably become based on the existing equipment’s pressure range. All to generate the greatest flexibility and overall economy.


  • Hard chromed pistons, making them resistant to wear and free of rust
  • Galvanised cylinders for increased corrosion resistance
  • Mechnical stop for the piston movement



CLF cylinders are the right choice for those who need flexible cylinders with small dimensions. With capacities ranging from 5 tons to 200 tons makes them suitable for lifting and other for purposes. Threaded mounting holes make them easy to integrate into various applications.

The CLF series are REHOBOT’s smallest cylinder series- CLF50-10 reach an height of only 37 mm, but with an incredible 5-ton lifting capacity. Cylinders CLF670-45 and CLF1100-40 are equipped with a removable handles to facilitate their handling.–-SINGLE-ACTING-STEEL-HOLLOW-BORE-CYLINDERS.jpg


CH/CHF hollow cylinders can due to the through-hole be used for both push or pull operations. For example, by inserting a rod through the cylinder, the compression force permit the cylinder to ne used for pulling operations.

CH/CHF cylinders have a capacity of 6 tons to 51 tons and is very compact in its exterior dimensions. That makes them suitable for integration into applications. CH62 has a gravity return & CHF62 cylinder has a spring return function.

CHFA – Single acting aluminium hollow bore sylinders

CHFA series consists of cylinders made of aluminium. This makes the products up to 50% lighter than comparable models made out of steel. Due to its construction, hollow cylinders can be used for both push and pull operations. For example, by inserting a rod through the cylinder, the compression force also be used for pulling operations.

CHFA cylinders are available with capacities between 13 ton to 103 ton and stroke lengths up to 153 mm.

NOTE! These cylinders are designed for general service and maintenance applications. Should your application require high cycle repetitive use, please contact REHOBOT to discuss your application.



CPF cylinders are pulling of 5 tons or 11 tons capacity. They are part of REHOBOT push and pull kits having threads on the piston top and cylinder bottom for attachment of accessories.

  • Piston andcylinder case have threads as standard for fitting of accessories or mounting.

CPF cylinders are used, for example when reshaping welded structures.




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