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As is well Known, the fracture of a fuel Injection Pipe causes the pollution of the area and often the risk of fire in the Engine Room.

“Rakor Hellas” arrange a well equipped factory constituted from design Dpt and a complete work shop/laboratory in which the sheathed Fuel Injection Pipes are fabricated and tested/stamped by Lioy’s Surveyor.

The high quality of the material and manufacture of the pipes which are formed through precise machines make these, resist to the continuous vibration and mechanical stress insuring thus, the necessary dynamic characteristics of the Fuel Injection and the entire fuel system.

“Rakor Hellas” under-take the design and manufacture of individual fuel pipes as a complete H.P. Fuel assembly accompanied with the individual flexible hoses and the small leak tank which is equipped with the Certified Electronic Level Switch as per SOLAS Requirements.

The long experience and know how of “Rakor Hellas” allow to this firm to know the specifications of the required material for any Engine Type defined by the Maker. Upon the manufacture of each pipe, the fuctional characteristics of the engine are taken in account as RPM, temperature of Injected Fuel, B.H.P. and fuel amount/cycle and in general all the necessary parameters which have been studied by the Maker, for the exact designation of the specifications.

The company RAKOR HELLAS arrange for all of her constructions certificates for the ship (MARINE).

RAKOR HELLAS gives you a guarantee of good operation for all its constructions, for one year.



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