Για δίκτυα Gravity or Vacuum & Grey Water

Σωλήνες ”Steckdrain” της Chibro

Οι ανοξείδωτες σωλήνες και εξαρτήματα τύπου ”STECKDRAIN” είναι κατάλληλες για συστήματα βαρύτητας ή κενού (gravity or vacuum) έως -0,96 bar και σύστημα grey water.

Κύρια πλεονεκτήματα

  • Τα συγκεκριμένα δίκτυα δε χρειάζονται άδειες για φλόγα και μπορούν να γίνουν επισκευές και σε μαρίνες.
  • Είναι κατά 70% πιο ελαφριά ενώ λόγω της ταχείας σύνδεσης τους ο χρόνος εγκατάστασης μειώνεται κατά 80%, ως εκ τούτου το συνολικό κόστος μιας εγκατάστασης μειώνεται τουλάχιστον κατά 50%.

Διατίθενται σε διαμέτρους από φ40 έως φ200mm. Τα εξαρτήματα σύνδεσης στεγανοποιούνται με τη βοήθεια δακτυλίων  Neoprene ή Silicon.

Η εταιρεία μας αναλαμβάνει την τοποθέτηση των ανοξείδωτων VACUUM & GRAY WATER στην τιμή των σιδερένιων δικτύων.


Pipes and fittings of stainless steel for drainage systems under gravity or vacuum.

By industries, hospitals, shipbuilding, big kitchens for communities, drainage waters are charged with several substances which are often corrosive.
In certain concentrations and temperatures these chemicals may damage – chemically, mechani-cally or per electrolysis – the materials they come in touch with.
Therefore the piping systems that evacuate such waters must be made of suitable materials to reasonably withstand the corrosive agents.
To comply with this need ILTA/CHIBRO, with STECKDRAIN system proposes a programme of drainage piping of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316.

STECKDRAIN programme of stainless steel

All components of STECKDRAIN programme, i. e. pipes and fittings, are obtained from electically seam welded pipes of austenitic stainless steel.

Material quality          AISI 304
UNI – EN 10088 x 5 Cr Ni 18-10

Material quality          AISI 316 L
UNI – EN 10088 x 2 Cr Ni Mo 17-12-2

ILTA/CHIBRO reserve the right to modify without prior notice

Resistance to corrosion

Austenitic chrome – nickel steels (AISI   304) have excellent characteristics of resistance to corrosion, and are therefore preferred when they come in contact with food, weather and sewage water. They are normally used by many industries (chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverages, dairy, soap), shipbuilding, community kitchens, etc.

Steels with chrome-nickel-molybdenum (AISI 316L), thanks to their good resistance to acids and pitting corrosion, are employed for draining certain organic and inorganic acids. On the contrary this alloy may have a limited resistance to reduced acids and chlorides.

On request is available a list of compatibilities of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 against a number of substances.

Thermal expansion

The expansion coefficient of stainless steel is very low: 1 meter of pipe heated to 100 C increases its length of only 1,6 mm.

Therefore in designing a drain system with the STECKDRAIN programme the thermal elongation can be disregarded as well as all compensators.
This is also true when a piping is laid within concrete, as steel has the same elongation factor as concrete (0,0165mm/mxC).


The tightness of the joints of the ILTA/CHIBRO STECKDRAIN piping system is according to DIN-Norm 19530 Part 2 for joints with sockets and spigots.
Pipes and fittings are tight against internal pressure as well as against vacuum. The tests which have been carried out in order to obtain the Type Approval certificates are:

  • Internal pressure
    from ND 40 to ND 125             10 bar
    from ND 150 to ND 200           5 ber
  • Vacuum
    from ND 40 to ND 200*          -0.96 bar

* For vacuum systems only ND 40-50-65 are normally used.

The socket

The socket of STECKDRAIN pieces has a double annular shape in which it is lodged the seal and inserted the spigot.
The peculiar shape of the socket gives strength to the joint and ensures its tightness in the time in spite of axial and cross stresses that may be exerted from outside and/or the weight of the piping system.

The socket and spigot STECKDRAIN joint is officially certified and the manufacture of the components of the programme  undergoes periodic external survey.

Type Approvals

The programme has been approved by following Classification Societies:


Other Type Approvals upon request.


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